Advertising on the blog. For administrators of high yield programs.

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For admins with whom I did not cooperate

The cost of adding a program to the blog is $400. The HYIP will be added to section“Monitoring” or “Recommended”.

For admins with whom I used to cooperate

Conditions are discussed separately. All depends on the quality of the previous work of the programs.

Why do I ask for insurance?

If the admin has serious intentions for long-time work, he is always ready to spend a small sum of money on promoting his program. To my mind, insurance is the most effective way of spending money on promotion.

Here’s one of opinion poll that shows that the majority of investors trust more and prefer the programs, which offer insurance:

Text on the picture:

In programs of which section do you invest more often?

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  • 1. With insurance
  • 2. New on the blog
  • 3. Our choice
  • 4. Under testing
  • 5. Incubator


Thus, the insurance provided by the admin is beneficial for everyone: the program attracts more deposits, I receive higher referral income, and investors reduce their risks.



What to do if you don’t want to disclose insurance?

It’s a common case that admins don’t want to provide insurance, because everyone will also ask for it. There are several solutions:

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  • Concealed insurance. You provide the insurance, but I don’t mention about it. After scam, I say that I allocated money for compensating losses myself.
  • If you are not satisfied with this option either (you don’t want to increase insurance amount), you can just transfer money to me, I will decide what to do with it: to make a deposit, to allocate insurance sum or just to spend on women and good living.


Price: 400 dollars for insurance.


Standard cooperation scheme.

Listing on the blog involves several stages:

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  • First of all, I publish a short review to introduce a new program to the audience.


A short review is a full-scale means of attracting partners. A new program is added to the HYIP list, announcement is sent to all subscribers, new are published about the program, it appears in the report.

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  • If my audience gets interested in the HYIP, I write a complete review.


If I see that the audience is interested in the program, I add a complete review. Such review not only better for attracting referrals, but also get position in TOP 10 of search engines, which attracts additional attention to my review.

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  • If the program demonstrates outstanding results, I write additional articles about intermediate results and place banners on the blog.


If the HYIP gives profit to investors and, in my opinion, has promising perspectives for development, I will write free additional articles, add banners to the blog and so on.

Additional services: Review.

As I have already mentioned above, I write a complete review if the program attracts the audience’s attention. In fact, usually it happens closer to the breakeven point, if I have free time and I believe in this program.

The case is that I don’t really like to write complete reviews of HYIP programs, I consider it to be an irksome task. But I’m sure that 200 dollars will wake up my inspiration and I will be glad to get down to this boring activity.

In other words, a complete review will cost 200 dollars. If you want, I can write and post it immediately after your program’s launch.

Price: 200 Dollars.

Additional services: banners and branding.


The background branding consists of 3 banners, which are shown on every page of the blog. There is no rotation, so your background will be shown all the time.

Price: 200 dollars per week or 500 dollars per month.

Status: slot is free.

Banner in the beginning of the article.

Your banner 728*90 of size will be added to the beginning of every article published on the blog. A total of 2 slots available.

Price: 80 dollars per week 200 dollars per month.

Status: the first slot is free, the second one is occupied.

Banner in the end of the article.

Your banner 728*90 of size will be added to the end of every article published on the blog. A total of 2 slots available.

Price: 50 dollars per week or 150 dollars per month.

Status: both slots are free.

Banners in sidebar.

Your banners will be located in the middle part of sidebar. We accept square banners and banners with the height exceeding the width less than twice.

Price: 50 dollars per week or 150 dollars per month.

Status: both slots are occupied.

You can offer your variants of cooperation.

If you are not content with all of the offered cooperation options or you have your own ideas for cooperation, just contact me, we will discuss it.

My wallets:

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