Advertising of HYIPs without risk: You will get the result or I will host your project for free!

You want to get an inflow of deposits and referrals, but worry that advertising will not pay off?

When working with my blog, this situation is impossible, because all the risk applies to me

Yes, exactly so, first the result, and then the pay

I’ll add your project to the blog free (will write a review, make a mailing list).

You will pay after the infow into the project will exceed the cost of advertising twice (read more about the conditions).

Why am I so sure of the result?

Over the past six months, traffic from search engines has increased 4 times. Every day, the pages of the blog are viewed by thousands of potential investors who is looking for project for a deposit.

Most of my reviews rank first in search engines. And the review of your project will also be in the TOP.

The number of blog visits is growing rapidly, so interest in your project is guaranteed.

What results can be expected?

Investors are very interested in high-quality new projects. They can invest thousands of dollars in investments immediately.

For example, here are the results of several recent projects:

  • Example 1: Excrypto Trade (long termin plans)

Review added January 28, 2020. After 3 days (February 1), the total value of deposits is almost $ 4,000.

Moreover the first position of the place in the search.

  • Example 2: Momentum7 (short termin plans)

Review added January 31, 2020. After 1 days (February 1), the total value of deposits is over $ 2,500.

After 2 weeks (February 13), about 160 partners and total deposits is over $ 8,000.

Also ranked first in search queries

  • Example 3: One-profit (fast with limit termin plans)

The project announcement was made only on the Telegram channel late in the evening of February 12, 2020. The next day in the morning there were already 116 partners in the project. Despite the limits, deposits of more than $ 500 were created in 10 hours.

  • Example 4: Robobank (short termin plans)

The project was announced in the evening of February 21, and in the morning of February 22 there were 90 active referrals and more than $ 3,500 in deposits.

And after 5 days (February 26), there were 148 active partners and deposits already worth more than $ 16,000.

The results of other projects in which I managed to attract deposits of more than $ 4,000 (and some screenshots) can be found on this page.

Collaboration plan

I talk a lot with administrators of various projects and I know that advertising often does not pay off.

You buy advertising from promoted bloggers, on monitors, from opinion leaders, but listing does not even pay off the inflow of investors.

And it happens that by giving 400+ dollars for listing, you do not receive no one deposit at all. I have observed such a result many times.

I understand that you are afraid to spend $ 500 to the next blogger in vain and not get the result.

Therefore, I am ready to take all the risk on myself.

To get started, I take only the insurance amount of $ 1000, which I will return to you after the end of the shortest plan (or when the project will bring 20% of the profit).

In this way:

If I attract less than $ 500 to the project.

I will refund your insurance and will not take payment.

Yes, this means that I will post your project on the blog absolutely free.

If I attract from $ 500 to $ 1,000 dollars in the project.

I will take only $ 250 for work.

Accommodation will be very cheap. In any case, you will receive at least 2 times more deposits than you spend on advertising.

For this amount it will not be possible to post on blogs of the same level.

If I attract more than $ 1,000 to the project.

Only in this case I will receive a full payment of $ 500 (This is a one-time payment, even if I manage to attract $ 100,000 in the project, I will not ask for any additional payment).

Thus, the income will be at least 2 times more than the cost of advertising.


My requisites

  • Perfect Money — U10052773
  • AdvCash — U032076697164
  • Payeer — P25175444
  • Bitcoin — 1FZv3zLVX1TQrfa6CFvwmm2jwYuKrxVnQx