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List of the best HYIPs.

On this page, I have collected the best high yield investment programs. I’m monitoring their relevance and change statuses and ratings of these programs, add them in corresponding sections, depending on stages of development, credits, etc. Most of them have detailed reviews.

The tables can be scrolled to the right.

Top 5

Name:Launch date:Profit:Trust rating:ReviewPayment Status:RCBInsurance:
SuperkopilkaFebruary 25, 2016from 13% per month55%shortpayingno
IT Business CompanyNovember 17, 2018from 17,6% per month65%only Russianpayingno
Global RentFebruary 21, 2019from 11% per month70%only Russianpayingno


Recommended programs

Name:Launch date:Monitored since:Profit:ReviewPayment Status:RCB 
Rudis9May 9, 2019May 10, 2019from 90% per monthonly Russiannot paying10%
RuizCoinApril 5, 2019April 12, 2019from 22% per monthonly Russianpaying5%




Name:Launch date:Monitored since:Profit:ReviewPayment Status:RCBInsurance:
Shanghai LimitedMay, 2019May 4, 2019from 24% per monthonly Russianpayingno
Capper ClubMarch 24, 2019March 23, 2019up to 30% per monthonly Russianpayingno
World Capsule HousesApril, 2019April 21, 2019from 17,6% per monthonly Russianpayingno



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