What is insurance and how can I request it?

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  • You can request insurance only using the form atop this page. I reserve the right to ignore requests, if you used any other methods to send them.
  • Request must be sent within 24 hours since the beginning of receipt of loss compensation requests was announced (you can find this news on the blog, in VK group and on Telegram channel). In 24 hours I will start calculating losses and won’t accept any new requests.
  • Insurance is paid within 1 working day since the end of insurance requests receipt was announced.
  • If you haven’t received insurance within 2 working days, contact me by e-mail info@gain-profit.com and inform about the problem. Nobody is perfect.
  • Insurance is paid to the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash.
  • If a program offers several investment plans and you haven’t filled in your plan when requesting refback, your insurance request won’t be accepted.
  • If you have several deposits in a program, all your deposits are subject to insurance.
  • When calculating the amount of insurance, I presume on default that investor withdrew payments without reinvesting his profit. That means that insurance doesn’t cover reinvestments until the end of the round.
  • Important! In 10 hours’ time after you sent the insurance request, I will send you an e-mail, acknowledging receipt of your request. If you haven’t received the letter within 6 hours since the time of request, contact me by e-mail info@gain-profit.com and inform about it.
  • Important! Starting from April 24, 2017 insurance covers only deposits not exceeding the insurance amount. For example, if insurance amounts to 300 dollars, only deposits that are equal to or less than 300 dollars are subject to insurance.*

What is insurance?

Insurance compensates a part or the whole amount of investors’ losses in case of scam (closure) of a HYIP program. The insurance amount is divided between all the investors, who have used my referral links to register in a program, requested refback, made losses and requested insurance. When calculating losses, refback amount also counts.

The insurance sum will be calculated as follows:

  • At first, the total sum of losses is summed up (SL).
  • Then, a percentage of losses, covered by the insurance sum (IS), will be calculated. The following formula will be used: (IS*100%)/SL.
  • After that, a sum of losses of every investor will be calculated and a percentage of losses compensated according to the abovementioned formula.

For example, insurance sum is enough to compensate 50% of losses. One investor has 100 dollars of losses and another – 1 dollar. It means that the first one will get 50 dollars of compensation and the second – 50 cents.

*Important! About limitations on the insured amount.

It has been decided to insure only deposits not exceeding the insurance amount. The following example explains why it is a reasonable measure.

For example, we have insurance amount of 1000 dollars and at the time of scam there are 40 people in the program with deposits equal to 50 dollars and average losses of 50%. In this case, insurance will cover 100% of losses.

And now let’s imagine that just before scam happens, an investor makes a 3000 dollars deposit. In this case, losses will amount not to 1000 dollars, but to 4000 dollars and investors will get compensation of 25% of losses instead of 100%.

In fact, it’s a common situation that 1-2 people harm several dozens or even hundreds of investors.

So, starting from April 24, 2017, if you make a deposit exceeding the insurance sum, only its part equal to the sum of insurance, decreased by refback from the total deposit amount, is subject to insurance.