What is RCB (refback) and how can I request it?

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  • You can request refback only using the form atop this page. I reserve the right to ignore requests, if you used any other methods to send them.
  • Request must be sent within 24 hours since deposit time. I reserve the right not to pay refback, if you requested it later than 24 hours since the time of deposit.
  • Refback is paid within 1-2 working days since the time of request.
  • If you haven’t received refback within 2 working days, contact me by e-mail info@gain-profit.com and inform about the problem. Nobody is perfect.
  • Refback is paid to the following payment systems: Perfect Money, Payeer, AdvCash.
  • In case you made a deposit after scam had been reported, there will be no refback.
  • If you are going to request insurance in future, make sure to fill in the investment plan field, in case a HYIP offers several plans.

What is RCB (refback)?

If you’ve followed my referral links to register in a HYIP program and made a deposit, I will get a bonus from this program. On average, the bonus amounts to 5-15% of your deposit.

I pay 50% of this bonus to my referrals – this is called “refback”. For example, you invested 200 dollars in a project that pays a bonus equal to 10% of deposit. It means, I will get 20 dollars as the bonus and pay you a half of it, in other words, 10 dollars or 5% of your deposit.

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