What is the right way to register by my referral link?

Quite often, investors from my blog’s audience register by my referral links, but find themselves in somebody else’s structures. In this case, I won’t receive referral bonus for their deposits and cannot pay them refback and insurance.

But how does it happen that people follow my links, but fail to join my structure? In most cases, the problem is that browser (cookie files) has already saved another referral link that you followed before. Therefore, this link should be replaced with mine.

If you want to join my structure, receive refback and insurance, you should clear cookies before registering in a program. To do that, press key combination Control+Shift+Delete in your browser. In the appeared window, tick only “Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data” line and press “Clear browsing data” button.


Only after that you can follow my link and register in a program.

In most programs, you can see or specify an inviter in the corresponding field during registration. Please note that in all the programs added to the blog after November 2016 my login is Gainprofit and e-mail is info@gain-profit.com. In older programs, my login is Goodbox. Check this data during or immediately after registration.

In investment Telegram bots, login is often missing; a random ID is assigned instead of it. Therefore, in reviews of such programs I write my ID. Check it when registering.