What you should and shouldn’t do after making a deposit in a high yield program?

After all, most people start investing in order to receive passive income. Few investors want to make any additional efforts or just don’t realize why they should do it. I’m not talking about affiliate programs, but about something different.

After making a deposit, you find yourself in harness with other investors, affiliate managers and admins of the program. All these people have one common interest – to make program work as long as possible.

And what all of you should combat hard now? Your bitterest enemy is people, disbelieving in the program. Disbelief prevents potential investors from making a deposit or investing a larger sum of money, makes them withdraw deposits before the due time, discourages from reinvesting. All these have negative impact on lifetime of the program and accordingly reduce your profit and the profit of other investors.

Of course, you can argue that it’s the task of the program’s administrator, affiliate managers, bloggers and others to enhance trust towards the program. That’s right. All these people do a lot of hard work. But investors also shouldn’t stay idle, for each of them can influence the level of program’s credibility.

What should you do?

Below, I will describe what should investors do after registering by my referral link and making a deposit.

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  • Write a comment about deposit.


Inform other investors that you’ve made a deposit in the program. It will enhance their trust and stimulate to make a deposit as well. Your post will be more effective, if you make a short comment about the reasons why you decided to make a deposit: good investment plans, a lot of positive feedback, confidence in the admin and so on. For example: “Fond of piggy banks, sure that will get profit with such plans and realization”. And don’t forget about proving your transaction.

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  • Leave a comment about receiving refback.


Demonstrate to other investors that “deposit-refback” scheme is working. It will increase confidence in my blog (or in my colleague’s blog) and at the same time enhance trust in the program.

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  • Post the received payments.


You don’t have to post every payment you receive, but it’s not a problem to write about payments a couple times a week. This is important for showing that the program is paying consistently. A large number of posted payments will help to overcome negative comments. Often, such negative comments are paid or aimed at blackmailing the admin.

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  • Write about reaching the breakeven point or profit.


Exemplify that this program can bring profit. It will increase trust towards the program greatly. The breakeven point, the finished deposit, the profit of 50%, 100% — it is a good idea to demonstrate all this to other investors.

Minimum plan.

If you want to spend minimum time and efforts on supporting the program, post all the above mentioned information on one site. If you are my partner, you can leave comments after the program review on my blog.

Maximum plan.

If you are ready to spend more time, you can repeat your comments on several different sites. It can be blogs, forums, groups in social networks and so on.

How to draw up comments?

Remember that every transaction requires a proof. If I write: “Have got the payment! Received lots of money”, this comment will have no value. Therefore, after writing that you received a payment or made a deposit you should post evidences.

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  • An image. Make a transaction screenshot in payment system and attach the image to your post if the site provides such a function.
  • A link to the screenshot. If there is no opportunity to attach an image, but you can post a link, then, use a service for making screenshot that enables to upload images to the cloud and provide the link to this image. Some of these services are LightShot, Yandex.Disc and so on.
  • A text evidence. Copy the text from transaction confirmation in payment system. It’s important to include the number of transaction (batch-number).  Usually, such comment consists of the date, amount, payment details (last numbers of wallet address can be changed for ХХ) and comment from the sender.


What shouldn’t you do?

The main thing – you shouldn’t push the panic ahead of time. The site doesn’t open – it can result from DDoS-attack; you are waiting for payment for too long – but maybe you haven’t studied the time-limit thoroughly; you haven’t received money to your Bitcoin wallet – maybe, you haven’t got enough transaction confirmations yet.

In other words, it may be that nothing bad has happened. But you leave a comment on a forum or a blog that the program isn’t paying, that payments are delayed, that the program is fraud and so on. First and foremost, lots of such comments can provoke panic and result in capital outflow from the program. And secondly, if the program resumes paying, a potential investor can see your negative posts later and become less confident in the program.

Therefore, writing negative comments about the program you have invested into can be compared to quarreling with your bread and butter. The one, who will suffer most, is you. And of course, other investors, who are in harness with you.

If you haven’t got your payment in time, deposit hasn’t been credited or you have faced other problems, first of all, you should contact the program’s support. In most cases, they will solve your problem.

Only in case support doesn’t answer or your problem cannot be solved, you should write about it on a blog or a forum.